What is PNEC-Pro

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What is PNEC-pro?

PNEC-pro is a user-friendly, state-of-the art tool for professionals dealing with the assessment of surface water quality. It calculates local, watertype-specific no-effect concentrations (PNEC) for copper, nickel, zinc and lead. The tool uses biotic ligand models (BLMs), based on large chronic toxicity databases for an array of biological species. Site-specific PNECs are used for compliance checks in higher-tiered risk assessments.

PNEC-pro uses routines that select functions with the highest reliability, based on the input parameters that are entered by the user. These transfer functions are tested against validated, full BLMs. The replace complicated BLM procedures, and increase the applicability for “routine” water type-specific risk assessment. 

PNEC-pro is endorsed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. PNEC-pro is implemented in legal frameworks for EQS-compliance testing and WFD reporting.
The tool is advised by the EU Common Implementation Strategy for the Water Framework Directive in the Technical Guidelines #38: Implementing Environmental Quality Standards for Metals (EC, 2019) .

What is NEW in this version?

PNEC-pro V6 offers new features and updated routines:

    • BLM routine for lead (Pb)
As a WFD-priority substance, lead is added to PNEC-pro. Bioavailability corrections are performed via recently developed BLMs.
    • Refined, up-to-date functions for nickel (Ni)
The refined nickel functions represent the current scientific status of revised toxicity data and normalization procedures, necessary for reliable, higher-tiered compliance testing of water quality standards.
    • Export functions for graphs
Statistical routines process input and output data, showing ranges and distributions including statistical summaries. Graphs can be saved as pictures in a format of choice.

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